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The ERCC Whats App group is the main source of information and club news, information and banter. A lot of ad-hoc runs are organised here where members arrange runs/organise challenges etc. The main club activities are as follows:

Monday Evening run

Starting 6:30 at the village hall a 6 to 8 k run changing each time  (usually trail) at a 'social'pace though the group will split into a faster and slower group as required

Friday evening track sessions

Inclusive track sessions 6.15 at Sutton Valence. We have been lucky to secure exclusive use of this top class facility and our team of coaches will be leading sessions that will propel you on to great things! All levels welcome. Do not be intimidated about attending the track sessions. They are open to all and run in a way that allows all participants to enjoy the session regardless of speed. 

Wednesday and Friday Morning Runs


These regular runs start from Egerton Sports Pavilion at 9.00 a.m on a Wednesday and 09:00 a.m on a Friday.

We welcome all abilities from walk/joggers to regular runners.  We plan the run amongst ourselves according to everyone's needs on the day and usually cover 5K to 7K. The pace is 'social.'

This may be on or off road depending on the weather and what we feel like doing.  It is very flexible. There is opportunity for those who wish to go at a faster pace, to maybe pop in the odd extra loop, or do some hill sprints. Or maybe take an easier route, cut a corner, or do a walk/jog.  Whatever suits your needs.  There are no prizes for first back and we strive to maintain a non-competitive and guilt free environment. Dogs are welcome at the discretion of the run leader.  Please see the article at the bottom of this page on dog owners responsibilities and liabilities.

Wednesday Evening:  Hillbillies


Hills are a key part of  a runners training plan and Egerton is blessed with lots of them! Hill running can be intimidating but the way we run the Hillbillies session allows for all abilities to be catered for. You run the hill at your own speed (and walk if you need to) and we have a slow recovery jog together prior to the next repeat. This is not a beginners session but if you can run 5k you will get a lot out of this.

Check out the route above

The session starts at Egerton Games Barn at 6:15 p.m on Wednesdays. The session lasts just under an hour and the distance is about 8 km though there are lots of opportunities to shorten the session for individuals if time (or legs!) necessitate . The main part of the session is a 300 meter hill repeat on Rock Hill on the STRAVA segment called Get Your Rocks Off! . Our Club Secretary Andy holds the STRAVA course record, which has to be a red rag to any bulls reading this! 

A fully charged head torch and hi-visibility running clothing are required during darkness or poor visibility.

Any last minute changes due to weather, illness, acts of God will be communicated by ERCC's WhatsApp group message system.




Wednesday Evening: Cycle ride


As the evening light permits (usually mid April) we begin evening road cycle rides (aka the Wednesday Wobblers!) Some runners migrate to the cycling for the summer, whilst others carry on with Hillbillies. The rides are planned week to week by members and are around 20 to 25 miles in total starting at 6:00 p.m. There is always a brief pub stop for some essential refreshment. 

Riders need a good standard of cycling fitness (averaging 14-15 mph) and need to be comfortable (or keen to learn) riding in a group on the road. Helmets must be worn and lights must be fitted and working.  Any last minute changes due to weather, illness, acts of God will be communicated by the Whatsapp group message system.


Thursday Circuits 7pm 


Former Club Chairman and club member, Mark Winter organises a weekly circuit training class and is a qualified gym instructor. Each session cost £5 per person for non members and £4 per person for ERCC members and the first session is free!

A good way of getting back to running, and excellent cross training for more regular runners is our circuit training session on Thursday evenings 7.00pm to 8.00pm at Egerton Games Barn.

The sessions consist of a mixture of cardio and conditioning exercises, working the core muscle groups to complement and support running fitness. Everyone is welcome as a range of abilities is catered for. The sessions are designed for you to work to your own maximum and improve your general fitness. They tend to finish with a friendly but competitive volleyball match.

The Games Barn is located on the other side of the village car park opposite Egerton Village Hall.

The Games Barn Map Location

Contact Mark on 07714824698 for further details or have a look at the FB page


Saturday Morning: Cycle ride


Start point and routes are organised by members on a weekly basis. Starting at 09:00 a.m routes are typically around 40 miles over three hours or so (averaging 14-15 mph).

Riders need a good standard of cycling fitness and need to be comfortable (or keen to learn) riding in a group on the road. Helmets must be worn and lights must be fitted and working.  Any last minute changes due to weather, illness, acts of God will be communicated by the Whatsapp group message system.

Sunday Run


We run on Sunday mornings at 9.00 a.m often starting from the Games Barn in the village. We take it in turns to arrange routes from various locations within a few miles of the village, planning a number of route options so you can choose the length of run to suit your needs. The run is usually around 10K though it can be extended or shortened as appropriate. We tend to make use of the footpaths and trails when conditions allow. The pace is 'social' and we are happy to stop if the group becomes separated.  We strongly recommend you have suitable reflective clothing and an ICE band.

The club WhatsApp group  will have the details of who is planning the route, where the route is starting from and the link to the map.  

For local longer runs we organise a water drop and refreshment along the route.


Guidance for planning a Sunday Run route

Below are some pointers to help ensure participants safety.

  1. Please ensure the run is planned on public highways, byways and footpaths that you are recently familiar with as being appropriate.
  2. If using footpaths please check they are suitable for the conditions on the day.
  3. Please ensure the route is posted on the ERCC WhatsApp group by the Friday before the run. This allows participants to check that the route you have planned is suitable for their needs.
  4. Please ensure any changes after that (ie due to changes in weather conditions) are made clear and agreed at the pre run briefing.
  5. Refreshment stops are appreciated but please choose a location that is safe for congregation.
  6. In the unlikely event of an incident for which the Club may be perceived to be liable, it is your responsibility to log the incident and report this to Andy the club secretary. To comply with our insurance please do not admit liability.
  7. The run leader is responsible for taking a photo of the running party (for social media and as a register) and for 'passing the baton' and identifying who will run the following Sunday's run


Running with Dogs -  Dog owners responsibilities

The decision to allow dogs on club runs rests with the run leader after they have made an assessment of the risk.

You are solely responsible for the dog.

You must ensure the dog does not alarm other people and you must clean up after the dog at all times.

You must comply with the applicable Countryside Code as it applies to dogs. You must ensure that the dog is kept under close control at all times, kept on a short lead on farmland and roads, and on a short lead near livestock or sensitive wildlife, where the terrain requires careful footwork and whenever the law, codes or other regulations require it.

Incidents caused by dogs are not covered by the club’s insurance. You must confirm that the dog is covered by insurance that includes cover for Public Liability which pays towards compensation and costs awarded against the owner by a court if the dog causes death or injury to a person, or causes damage to someone else’s property. This might be covered by your Home Contents Insurance or Pet Insurance.

If you have any queries about bringing a dog to a club run on a Wednesday or Friday morning session, please contact us before you arrive.